Personal Care
JNC Tender Shower Head
HKD$ 368
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  • Water Efficiency design. Save up to 30% of water consumption / usage
  • Ultra-fine spray. Comfort touch to the tender skin.
  • Look after your tender skin and whole family needs
  • Purify the water through the Vitamin Filter
  • Easy to install
Product ID:JNC-SHHD02-WH

Operating instructions

—This product’s on/off switch cannot be used as the main water switch. It cannot replace the faucet. After each use, the faucet should be turned off.

—This product is a high-pressure shower head, which meets the domestic water pressure within 60 psi.

—If you are unsure about the water pressure, it is recommended not to use the on/off switch on the shower head when using it. 

—Please do not drink any filtered water from this shower head directly. 

—The product lives of the shower head and the filter depend on the frequency of use, number of people and actual water pressure.