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JNC IPX2 Water-resistant Heater (Hello Kitty)
HKD$ 998
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  • Lightweight and portable, no need to install, perfect for all corners
  • 3 modes (Fan, Low Heat, High Heat) suitable for all Seasons 
  • PTC heating element, 1900W rapidly warms up the area
  • 30° wide angle air outlet 
  • Dry clothes quickly, no need to worry about rainy days
  • Overheat protection, built-in auto power-off circuit 
  • Fire resistant material 
  • IPX2 water-resistant*
  • Dustproof filter 

*Suitable for wall-mounted Installation

Rated Voltage:220 - 240V~
Rated Frequency:50 - 60Hz
Rated Power:風扇 35W;暖氣 1100W / 1900W